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Wedding Card Box, Personalized Keepsake Box

Wedding Card Box, Personalized Keepsake Box

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Your wedding should be special. Wedding Decor is an integral part that makes a wedding unique. Each guest tries to bring his own unique Wedding Gift. In order to do this, my workshop makes original Wedding Card Boxes. Your friends and family can leave their wishes in the Memory box. Also, this item will be a great Keepsake Box, and can also be used as a Money Box in everyday life.

• Every box is handmade with great care by our craftsmen from high-quality plywood.
• 8 design options are shown in the photos.
• Laser engraved with your last name, wedding date.
• To put out any content you should turn upside down a box, then to disconnect the outer part at the bottom
• Box sizes:
Small - 10 x 6 x 6 inches (25 cm length x 15 cm height x 15 cm width),
envelope slot - 4 3/4 inches (12 cm);

Large - 12 4/5 x 7 1/2 x 6 inches (32 cm length x 19 cm height x 15 cm width),
envelope slot - 5 3/4 inches (12 cm);
• Personalization is accomplished by using the state of the art laser cutting.

• You choose a design of FRONT side (8 options):
• The back design is not the same to the front, but we make a writing with a similar font in one line on the back as default;
• Personalization is accomplished by using the state of the art laser cutting.

Our Handmade workshop is, first of all, people who are passionate about their work and ... the cat Barmaley, fluffy and always controlling the process of making each of your orders! His ward Egor is a talented master who sees the solution to the problem from the height of his experience; young Dima “catches on fast” and steps on the heels of the "omniscient" masters (artisans), and at the same time enthusiastically arguing about the date of the historical event. And how to do without "colors" in life?
Anton’s neatness , delving into all the little things, gives colorful shades to thin lines, and the fervor and vigor of "uncle" Igor leave the color of the positive of each order! And when the PRODUCT is ready, we want to hand it over to you in its original form: attentive Nastya carefully packs the order with perfect movements.
As a result, the parcel, having overcome the continents, seas and oceans, delivers you not just a product, but a unique OBJECT filled with life and inspiration!

We really understand how special this day is for you! And how important it is that everything is perfect! Every detail makes up the whole dream picture.
A wedding is a wonderful ceremony. This is a one-in-lifetime day that will be remembered forever. And our task is to help make your dream a reality! We produce original Wedding décor products that will create a unique atmosphere for your celebration. Our craftsmen were able to bring to life objects that will help capture the best moments of this Day, convey emotions and impressions even after many years have passed.
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